Polyroll: 12 minutes of gameplay from Sonic the Hedgehog-inspired retro-style platformer


Polyroll is an upcoming retro-style platformer inspired by the likes of Sonic the Hedgehog and other mascot 2D games of old. Indie pixel art platformers are a dime a dozen nowadays, but Polyroll has some serious potential to stand out behind its sprawling levels, loads of collectibles, and what looks to be a very fun combination of platforming and simple combat. Combine all of that with faithful, colorful old-style graphics and a very catchy soundtrack, and Polyroll seems poised to be one of those nostalgic indie platformers that makes scores of people happy, sort of the way Fox ‘n Forests did for me last year. Courtesy of Direct-Feed Games, you can check out the magic for yourself by viewing the first few levels and a boss fight in the 12-minute video below.

I’m getting some very strong Sega Genesis vibes from Polyroll. The Sonic the Hedgehog inspiration is especially obvious with all of the spikes, looping poles, and the short branches in the level design. However, Polyroll looks like a slightly slower-paced platforming romp compared to Sonic the Hedgehog‘s blitz of a pace through levels.

Nostalgic indie platformers are incredibly common. Some end up being incredible, like Shovel Knight and Mutant Mudds. Swathes of others miss the mark and fade into the same obscurity plaguing so many of the games they took notes from. From this gameplay footage, I have high hopes that Polyroll will end up charming lots of us when it comes out on October 29 in North America and October 31 in other territories.


Nick Pearson
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