Pole position: Mario Kart 8 now the second-best selling game in the series

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - Nintendo Switch deals

Like many Wii U titles, Mario Kart 8 was hailed as one of the system’s finest pieces of software. By the end of the doomed platform’s life, the game held a sizable lead as the highest-selling game for the Wii U, with 8.44 million units sold. This trend continued with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, the 2017 enhanced port for the Nintendo Switch. At the time of writing, Deluxe stands atop the pile at 17.89 million units; in other words, that’s more than double the units of the Wii U original. The combined 26.33 million between both systems now makes Mario Kart 8 the second-best selling Mario Kart game.

This was first pointed out by ResetERA user Alex840, who detiailed in his post that the game’s current sales numbers now puts it past Mario Kart DS at its peak of 23.60 million units. Compared to the Nintendo DS family of systems’ install base of over 154 million units, the fact that Mario Kart 8 caught up so fast to the DS entry is no small feat.

Mario Kart Wii refuses to yield

mario kart 8 second-best selling

However, Mario Kart Wii still sits far ahead at a comfortable 37.20 million units as of March 2019. Incidentally, that means the game likely sold another 60,000 copies, since figures last sat at 37.14 million in October 2018. I’m surprised that the game is still selling even now, but the Wii sold incredibly at over 101 million units during its lifetime, and MKWii is popular with modders and hackers. Whatever the case, looks like Mario Kart Wii isn’t out of the race yet!

For perspective’s sake, here is where every Mario Kart game currently stands by millions sold:

  1. WII – Mario Kart Wii: 37.20
  2. WII U/NSW – Mario Kart 8: 26.33
  3. NDS – Mario Kart DS: 23.60
  4. 3DS – Mario Kart 7: 18.38
  5. N64 – Mario Kart 64: 9.87
  6. SNES – Super Mario Kart: 8.76
  7. GCN – Mario Kart Double Dash: 6.96
  8. GBA – Mario Kart Super Circuit: 5.91

In any case, the Switch is Nintendo’s current generation platform and continues to sell like hotcakes. Add that with a cost-effective Nintendo Switch Lite coming soon, and it’s only a matter of time before Deluxe zooms into Wii‘s rear-view mirror.


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