Pokémon Unite release date set for next week on Switch

Pokémon Unite release date Nintendo Switch July 21

The Pokémon Company has announced the release date for Pokémon Unite, which will arrive next week on July 21, 2021. Players who log in before August 31 will receive Zeraora as a playable Pokémon for free. More information is available on the game’s official website, detailing what to expect at launch, information on Zeraora, and future plans for cross-play between Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

In our preview of the Japanese Pokémon Unite beta, we praised its addictive gameplay loop and easy-to-understand objectives. Compared to other MOBAs, Pokémon Unite felt extremely accessible, considering it was playable without Japanese fluency. However, your progress won’t be carried over from the beta, so don’t expect to keep your cosmetics and unlocked Pokémon. It will be interesting to see whether or not the game evolves into an esport, as the competitive nature of the game could easily be nurtured into that sort of format.

While the Pokémon Unite release date is set for July 21 for Nintendo Switch, the mobile version is arriving in September 2021. As for Zeraroa, The Pokémon Company says it can “deal massive amounts of damage all at once,” and its its Unite Move, Plasma Gale, “sends out a powerful electric blast that creates a zone of plasma around the area where the blast hits.”

Are you excited for Pokémon Unite, and if so, will you be playing it on the Switch release date?


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