Pokémon Trading Card Raid Battle becomes possible with new materials

Pokémon Trading Card Raid Battle becomes possible with new materials Pokémon Company

The Pokémon Company has released a new set of resources allowing you to play Pokémon Trading Card Raid Battle. These battles are a new way to play with Pokémon trading cards, inspired by the Raid Battles introduced in Pokémon GO. Of course, Raid Battles are also a core part of Pokémon Sword and Shield. The company has explained the rules of these battles in an instructional video.

The resources for Pokémon Trading Card Raid Battle can be downloaded. You’ll find everything you need to set the board up. Players can use the website to track boss damage and score. They can also use it to choose each boss. Every match requires a Raid Boss, a deck of 20 Boss Attack Cards, a deck of 5 Cheer Cards, 4 Knock Out Counters, a set of Damage Counters, a coin, and a playmat.

The best part of this new game that has been introduced is the ability to play with others online. This will allow fans to play with friends wherever they are. They could even take part in Raid Battles with those they’ve met in the community who live in different regions. Until now this sort of cooperative play within the Pokémon IP has only been easily possible in the games.

Working together

With this new feature in the game, it could open up a new range of cards to collect. Boss cards are chosen and picked online right now. It may coax more fans into playing the game though if a new Raid Battle set were introduced. For example, I have no interest in taking part in Pokémon Trading Card battles. But I’d be really happy to work with other players towards the same goal. This may be the most accessible the game has ever been for fans who purely collect the cards.


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