Your artwork can become a real Pokémon TCG card in this contest!

Pokémon TCG Pokemon TCG Pokemon Trading Card Game contest

Pokémon Trading Card Game (Pokémon TCG) has been around for an incredible 22 years now, having begun in Japan in October of 1996. In that time, thousands of cards have been produced, but one new card is about to be a lot more special–because its art will feature the winning illustration of a new contest being conducted by Creatures Inc. This art contest is dubbed Pokémon Card Game Illustration GrandPrix, and it will run between Dec. 17 and Mar. 31.

The theme of the contest is “Scenery with Pokémon.” Four runner-ups in the contest will receive 50,000 yen ($443 USD), the Semi Grand Prize winner will receive 100,000 yen ($887 USD), and the Grand Prize winner will receive 300,000 yen ($2,662 USD) and have his or her illustration turned into an official TCG product. The contest is being held on a Japanese website, but the contest doesn’t appear to be limited to Japanese entrants, so activate your Google Translate and check out the contest page!

Pokémon TCG was as an explosive fad when it first came out. Everyone in my class had them, and I remember talking to my best friend on the phone and telling him I got a Charizard on my birthday. The fad died, but the game remained, growing more complex and building its hardcore following. For modern-day fans who happen to be awesome artists, this contest has to be a dream come true. I think it’s pretty exciting, and I’m a lousy artist who stopped playing the game decades ago. Best of luck to those who enter!


John Friscia
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