Pokémon Sword and Shield Pokédex recreated as Game Boy sprites

Pokémon Sword Shield Game Boy pixel art style Pat Ackerman

With each new generation of the Pokémon series comes new creatures to capture and sometimes advancements in design. When Pokémon Sword and Shield launched in 2019, we were introduced to the eighth generation – meeting Pokémon such as Corviknight, Boltund, and my personal favourite, Grookey for the first time. You may be curious about what these Pokémon would look like on older hardware. The franchise has come a long way since then — leaving behind the pixelated art style of yesteryear. Artist Pat Ackerman has answered the call to our curiosities and has recreated various Generation 8 Sword and Shield Pokémon using the Game Boy pixel art aesthetic.

The Galar Region is home to 89 unique species of Pokémon, with some of them being Galarian forms of already existing critters. It is interesting to see all the different Pokémon from Sword and Shield in this Game Boy pixel art style. Ackerman has also included the Legendary Pokémon introduced in the The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra expansions. Every single one of them is extremely detailed and transitions well into this visual style. The best Galar Pokémon (in my opinion), Grookey, is looking as cute as ever!

Pat Ackerman is a pixel artist who posts similar pieces on their Twitter account. Ackerman has posted works based upon other Nintendo franchises including Super Mario Bros., so be sure to check them out.


Jaimie Ditchfield
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