Pokémon Sword and Shield easter eggs lie in gym leader jersey numbers

Pokémon Sword and Shield easter eggs

Pokémon Sword and Shield easter eggs are starting to pop up now that sleuthy players have had a bit of time with the game. One Twitter user, Gaijinhunter, recently discovered a hidden meaning to the games’ gym leader jersey numbers. Based on old numerical codes popularized among Japanese pagers, each jersey number seems to correlate with the gym leader’s favored type. The water type gym leader, for example, wore number 049, which correlates to a Japanese word for “swim.”

To avoid admittedly minor spoilers in his explanations, Gaijinhunter went ahead and omitted gym leader names from the list of correlated types and terms. Check out the full list in his tweets below.

Pretty cool, huh? Pokémon Sword and Shield easter eggs took very little time to show up. A secret hidden in old Japanese pager lingo is bound to have flown right over millions of heads–it makes me wonder what else we’re missing. The games, which have been out for over ten days now, seem to have plenty of fans who were able to overlook the associated controversies. As more people spend time with their preferred title, tons more secrets are sure to be discovered. Have you found anything suspect?

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