Pokémon Sword 2018 build has allegedly leaked online

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Ever since the massive Nintendo source code leaks began this past July, the Nintendo landscape has become a much different place, full of bizarre and extraordinary reveals like the existence of Luigi in Super Mario 64 and the original look of Yoshi. Now, whether it’s part of that leak or a brand new leak, a Pokémon Sword 2018 build has allegedly leaked online via 4chan. Twitter user LuigiBlood, who has been drawing light to many of the ongoing Nintendo leaks, claims that this build is from March 2018. The user also states that a build of Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! / Eevee! from December 2017 has leaked but is not yet accessible. To be clear, source code for the games has reportedly not leaked — just these builds.

For a closer look at what the Pokémon Sword 2018 build entails, Twitter user Lewtwo has uploaded numerous alleged images demonstrating differences. He did not make any claims of the build’s legitimacy until LuigiBlood started talking about the build himself.

The above is only a sampling of what Lewtwo shared of the alleged Pokémon Sword 2018 build in a long thread. The user also shares many images of unfinished environments, early UI design, and other incomplete game elements. Perhaps most strikingly of all, there is an icon of Clefable maybe giving the finger?

We encourage you to take a deep dive into the thread and see what other surprising differences you spot between the Pokémon Sword 2018 build and the final Nintendo Switch version, presuming it’s all legitimate.

John Friscia
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