Pokemon Rumble U Finally Coming to UK and North America

The Pokemon Rumble U frenzy has been massive in Japan ever since it was released back in April and the NFC technology is something UK and North America fans would like to unlock in their GamePads.  Well, the Pika-electrifying good news was released today that Pokemon Rumble U will be hitting the UK eShop on August 15th and North America on August 29th for $17.99.

There are a total of 18 different Pokemon to choose from currently whose figures come to life as little powerful wind-up toys when you place them on the GamePad.  Among some of the Pokemon available are Eevee, Pikachu, Victini, Deoxys, and Genesect which will be available at local GameStop stores for $3.99 each.  Make note that you don\’t need to purchase any of the NFC figures and that any of your in-game saves can be stored and travel with you wherever you roll.

Pokemon company did say that there is a bonus for buying NFC characters because you can spend in game coins to level up their abilities or even add special traits.  Rumble U will allow you to play solo or with friends as you try and make your way back to the giant Pokemon toy shop.  Along the way players will pass through locales like Sparkly Playland, Mysterious Forest, and Blue Sky Park.  The co-op mode which goes up to four players lets players take on the strongest enemies together using teamwork or they can take part in competitions to see who can smoke the most Pokemon become their friend.

Pokemon Rumble U will have a roster full of 649 Pokemon all the way through Pokemon Black and White 2.

[Source: IGN]

Tom Stovall