Pokémon Presents will return on 6/24 to reveal ‘a big project’

Pokémon Presents June 24, 2020 big project Pokémon Presents 6/24 6/24/20 The Pokémon Company Nintendo Pokémon Sword and Shield iOS Android

Did you enjoy the Pokémon Presents today? In just under 11 minutes, it revealed a variety of small-scale announcements for the franchise as well as one holy crap megaton with the announcement of a new Pokémon Snap after all these years since the original’s Nintendo 64 release. Well, if you did enjoy it, don’t forget then that it’s been revealed another Pokémon Presents event is coming from The Pokémon Company on June 24. And as Tsunekazu Ishihara, president and CEO of The Pokémon Company explains, they will be revealing a “big project” at that time!

What could be as big or bigger than Pokémon Snap? I guess we’ll soon find out. In the meantime, the smaller reveals today at Pokémon Presents that we received were pretty fun. Pokémon Smile looks like a fantastic app for parents and a horror story for mouth bacteria everywhere. Pokémon Café Mix looks like an adorable casual mobile game (plus Nintendo Switch) experience. Pokémon GO Mega Evolution is quite the thing.

Still, if we’re talking about a “big project” on the way… Could be it a Pokémon Gen 4 remake? Maybe it’s Pokkén 2? Could it be a Let’s Go 2? The sky is really the limit here. But again, we’ll find out soon enough — at the next Pokémon Presents event on June 24.

John Friscia
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