Got stationery: Official Pokémon milk cartons/pencil pouches out in Japan

Pokémon milk cartons

Pokémon merchandise. It’s a train that has no sign of slowing down. While gamers anxiously await the upcoming DLC expansions for Sword and Shield, those looking to get their pocket monster kicks might want to see what Japan has on offer. The region-specific company, Marimocraft, is now selling unique merchandise: Pokémon milk cartons that hold pencils and pens!

Why do the Pokémon milk cartons not contain cow juice?

Alright, I lied. These are actually pencil pouches that look like milk cartons. For…reasons?

As you can see above, there is a blue variation that depicts Pikachu and a pink version that showcases Pikachu and Eevee. What, is Eevee not cool enough to stand on their own?

You can find these carriers at major Japanese retailers for 1870 yen (about $17.37). While it’s always nice to have a compartment to hold extra pens and pencils, why are these products shaped like milk containers? For instance, as a consumer, I would believe these to be beverages. Imagine how shocked and appalled I would have been if I picked one up! Writing utensils down my throat instead of sweet liquid.

Enthusiasts, what do you make of these wannabe Pokémon milk cartons? Let us know if you are as confused as I am about their existence with a comment below.

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