Pokémon Masters reveals the villainous “Team Break”

Pokémon Masters Team Break

Game Freak is currently focused on Pokémon Sword and Shield, but another Pokémon game is coming even sooner. The Pokémon Company has partnered with DeNA on a mobile game called Pokémon Masters. An early trailer gave us a glimpse at three mysterious figures in masks. Thanks to an update from the game’s official Twitter, we now know their identity. These newcomers are called Team Break.

Watch out for Team Break!

Little is known about Team Break at this point, but they appear to be the villains of Pasio. According to a translation provided by Serebii, they’re known for stealing Pokémon from time to time. Seems like they’d get along just fine with Team Rocket! And speaking of, Team Rocket and other past villains will also appear as trainers on Pasio in Pokémon Masters. It’s unclear if these antagonists from the past will factor into the plot in a significant way.

Pokémon Masters’ biggest selling point is that it’s overflowing with famous trainers from past games. Gym leaders, rivals, heroes, and villains have all gathered on Pasio to compete. Ultimately, all of these talented trainers are competing for a shot at the Pokémon Masters League. Each trainer carries just a single Pokémon into battle. However, trainers group up in teams of three to take on opponents.

Battles are fought in real-time, and you can even team up with other players from around the world for co-op fun. Do you have what it takes to defeat Team Break and climb to the top of Pasio’s trainer rankings? You can find out for yourself when Pokémon Masters launches later this summer.

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