Pokémon Masters is a new game featuring tons of famous trainers

Pokémon Masters mobile android ios DeNA

During today’s Pokémon press conference, an up and coming new mobile game was revealed. As we reported earlier this month, The Pokémon Company is teaming up with DeNA on the project. DeNA should be familiar to Nintendo fans, as they’ve partnered together on multiple mobile games. This new collaboration is called Pokémon Masters, and it will launch in 2019 on Android and iOS.

So what can you expect from Pokémon Masters? We don’t have a ton of info yet, but we did get a short trailer and explanation. The idea for the game came from Pokémon art director Ken Sugimoro. He wanted to create a new game featuring all of the most popular Pokémon trainers from the history of the franchise. 

The short trailer we got for Pokémon Masters revealed classic trainers like Blue, Misty, Brock, and Cynthia. It also looks like 3v3 battles will be present. That’s about all we learned today, but we won’t have to wait long for more. The Pokémon Company is promising updates next month. They could reveal more information at E3, from CoroCoro magazine, or a separate event. In the meantime, it’s just nice to know that we’ll be getting a Pokémon mobile game with legitimate battles.

Pokémon Masters DeNA

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