Pokemon leaker insists Pokemon still to be called Pokemon King and Queen

This morning, Nintendo revealed that the games in the newest generation of Pokemon will be called Pokémon Sword and Shield. This announcement contradicts a rumor last week that suggested the new games would actually be called Pokémon King and Queen. We caught up with the leaker to hear his thoughts on the announcement.

“Well, I’m still right,” said John King, who goes by the username “Nidokingking69” across online forums. “I told everyone that the games will be called King and Queen and, do not worry, those are the games’ names.”

After showing King69 the new Nintendo Direct revealing Sword and Shield, he told us that “those dummies don’t know anything. I have ultra, super-secret sources that work on Pokémon. Junichi Masuda just hasn’t been caught up on the latest development meetings. He’s out of the loop, whereas I’ve got my eyes and ears inside Game Freak.”

About those logos — Pokémon King and Queen

After we showed King69 the logos of the new titles, he didn’t relent.

“Listen, it’s all a conspiracy,” claimed King69.” They made these fake logos to trick everyone about what is actually in the game. I said last week, for example, that every single region would be in this game. The fake game they announced has a region by the weird name ‘Galar.’ That’s how you know they’re staging the whole thing. If it were really the new Pokémon game it would have all the regions, just like I pointed out last week.”

King69 also claimed he would have additional news to share on Pokémon King and Queen in the upcoming days. He suggested subscribing to his YouTube channel “Nidoqueenyumyum.” Subscribers will be the first to hear about this exclusive Pokémon information. King69 also will have a giveaway for a scepter next week to drum up excitement for the new Pokémon titles.

Note: This is a work of satire and not intended to be considered factual in any way.

Eli Pales
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