Pokémon-inspired MMO Temtem reveals starter creatures in new trailer

starter Temtem Pokémon MMO

Temtem, an MMO inspired by Pokémon, announced its starter creatures in a brand new trailer on Dec. 19. In this game, players can embark on a journey with their own starter Temtem, choosing between Crystle, Smazee, or Houchic. Take a look at the full trailer below.

Unsurprisingly, Temtem borrows many of its elements from the mainstream Pokémon games. Temtem tamers can travel around the Airborne Archipelago, obtaining new species and battling other tamers throughout the region. Players will also challenge eight Dojo leaders and will even come into contact with an evil team, Clan Belsoto.

Of course, this game has its own features to separate it from the Pokémon series. Most obvious among these is its status as a massively multiplayer online game. In addition, Temtem includes 12 types (as opposed to Pokémon’s 18), and the starters differ from Pokémon’s Fire-Water-Grass triad.

Meet the starter Temtem

Crystle is a Crystal-type Temtem that specializes in Defense and HP. It evolves into Sherald after leveling up 30 times. Smazee is a Melee-type Temtem that specializes in Attack and Speed. It evolves into Baboong after leveling up 29 times. Houchic is a Mental-type Temtem that specializes in Special Attack and Speed. It evolves into Tental after leveling up 29 times.

While all of the starter Temtem will have a third stage evolution, their final forms have not yet been revealed. Interestingly, the trailer confirms that at least one of the starter Temtem, Crystle, will also be available in the wild. This differs from Pokémon, where starters typically are only available as a gift from the professor.

Temtem will become available for early access on Steam beginning on Jan. 21, and it is planned to come to consoles as well. Are you interested in this Pokémon-like adventure? Which Temtem do you want to choose as your partners? Let us know in the comments or on our social media!


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