Pokémon Home update lets you trade with farther friends, for now

Pokémon Home update

A new update for Pokémon Home has gone live with noteworthy changes to the game. The first of which is a new, limited-time ability that lets players trade with friends who are situated farther away. An end date for this feature hasn’t been announced just yet. Additionally, if you’re a competitive Pokémon Home player, some neat changes are now live in relation to battle data. Players can now see their previous battle data for matches, if you want to see how you performed previously. These competitive changes also include the ability to check what Pokémon and what specific moves were used in older games.

Pokemon Home

Some other standard changes include Wonder Box trade completion times and the amount of Free Room trades per day. The Wonder Box trade now takes just one hour to complete, whereas before the time varied. Free Room trades can now be performed 10 times per day.

Pokémon Home is available on mobile devices as well as Nintendo Switch, including free and paid options, for storing and trading Pokémon. The main upgrade with the paid version is the ability to handle more Pokémon for storing and trading.

Will you be taking advantage of the changes coming to Pokémon Home?


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