Pokémon Home flowchart makes the complex transfer process easy

pokémon home flowchart how to trade Pokémon

With Pokémon Home, players will be able to keep their old Pokémon with them for their future journeys. Since the service is scheduled to roll out pretty soon, it would be nice to know exactly how to get your classic team from Fire Red and Leaf Green up to the latest entries. Thankfully, Reddit user dominodave has us covered. They made a flowchart that shows just how complicated it would be to transfer older  Pokémon to a newer generation.

Unfortunately, if you’re needing a team from Gen III, there are several hoops to jump through, as this Pokémon Home flowchart shows. You’ll be required to have at least three different games, a Nintendo DS or DS Lite, and a Pokémon Bank subscription. For somebody who may have quit Pokémon for a few years, this might be a bit too much.

However, if you’ve been a longtime Pokémon fan, it may not be so bad. You probably already have the systems, games, and subscriptions in question. Now you just need a few hours to play the different transfer minigames every time you take them to a new generation.

No matter which game you’re transferring your Pokémon from, hopefully this chart will help you out when Pokémon Home finally launches next month.

What do you guys think? Is this process just a little bit too complex? Do you think it’s not that big of a deal? Let us know what you think down in the comments!


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