Shadow Pokémon and Team Rocket are now terrorizing Pokémon GO

Shadow Pokémon and Team Go Rocket

After speculation and a healthy dose of data mining, Niantic has added two features in one to Pokémon GO. Team Rocket, or rather, Team GO Rocket, can be battled after spinning dark gray PokéStops. During the battle, the GO Rocket Grunt will use a shadow Pokémon, which you will be able to catch after winning.

After catching the shadow Pokémon, it will know the move Frustration and retain its menacing red eyes. The Pokemon can be purified by spending a little of your hard-earned Stardust and Candy, which will replace Frustration with Return.

As a fan of edge, I can get behind the glowing red eyes, but as a cost, the Pokémon will be weaker in general and take more resources to power up. Frustration is also just plain worse than Return, so edgelords like me will have to suck it up and make our Pokémon nice and pure.

I’ll be the first to admit that I dropped off of Pokémon GO pretty hard. I lost a lot of the will to play when I realized that the only thing to do was collect and fight other players. I need a little more direction in games than that, but it looks like this new layer of single-player experience may just be what I was looking for.

We haven’t seen Shadow Pokémon since Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness way back in 2005. Sadly, it doesn’t look like Game Freak has any interest in bringing back these older concepts, but it’s nice that someone is at least.

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