Pokémon GO update allows PokéStop nominations, easier trading

Pokémon GO update

Good news for Pokémon fans playing the game on iOS — a new helpful update is out now. Version 1.89.1. went live yesterday. It’s full of good stuff, but fans in Brazil and South Korea in particular can now nominate PokéStops once again, so if you, for example, have a bus stop outside your house, you can nominate that or any other helpful place close to you.

Details of the update

  • PokéStop nominations are available to level 40 players in Brazil and South Korea.
  • You can remove Pokémon from your Favorites while in the trade screen.
  • You can share an Exclusive Raid Pass with one friend.
  • You can swipe to dismiss in-app notifications.
  • There are various bug fixes and performance updates.

I especially like the new features of sharing an Exclusive Raid Pass with a friend, swiping to dismiss notifications, and removing Pokémon from your Favorites while trading. It will make the process so much easier now. Now if only they can add online trading and a few other features that would make the game even better! What Niantic also mentions with regards to the update for South Korean and Brazil players is that a PokéStop nominations beta version is available for download taking up only 248.2MB of space.

Here’s hoping Niantic listens to player suggestions and keeps bringing these updates. Sadly today there was a bit of glitch that caused the game not to work correctly for about two hours. Mini Pokemon were appearing, players reported not being able to send gifts, and some of their precious items vanished. Niantic was quick to respond on their Twitter and fixed it.

What do you think of these new updates? Have you noticed a difference in gameplay? Let us know in the comments. Don’t forget about Chikorita Community Day taking place on Sept. 22 as well as catching Entei this month through research tasks. Have fun and keep catching those Pokemon!


Tarah Bleier