Pokémon GO reportedly passes $1B in revenue for 2020, its top year yet

Pokémon GO 2020 $1 billion

Niantic’s Pokémon GO was an absolute cultural phenomenon in its first year on the market, generating $832 million in player spending in 2016 according to Sensor Tower data. However, the game has continued to generate incredible amounts of revenue, and due in part to the pandemic, Pokémon GO is having its best year yet in 2020. Sensor Tower reports the game has surpassed $1 billion in spending for this year so far, which is even higher than the $902 million from 2019.

As we previously reported on, Niantic made various changes to Pokémon GO in the earlier days of the pandemic to better accommodate players playing the game in quarantine. These changes were evidently a smart decision, going by the current numbers. In total, the mobile game has now generated nearly $4.2 billion in revenue since launch.

Pokémon GO 2020 $1 billion revenue $1b player spending Niantic Labs Sensor Tower data

Niko Partners Senior Analyst Daniel Ahmad puts into perspective how extraordinary the success of Pokémon GO is by comparing it with estimated sales of Pokémon Sword and Shield on Nintendo Switch combined with previous core series sales on Nintendo 3DS.

If you never hopped off the Pokémon GO train, Sensor Tower’s 2020 data may not surprise you. Lapsed players may be pleased to know there is still a thriving game to return to though. Are you still engaging with the Niantic game on a regular basis?


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