Hardcore grandpa uses 11 phones to catch ’em all in Pokémon Go

Pokémon GO

No age is “too old” to love the Pokémon series. One older Pokémon GO player from Taiwan is using a whopping 11 different phones while riding his bike around Taipei to catch every single one.

A Reddit user first captured the image of his rather interesting set up, making references to him being Professor Oak. This is truly dedication, and the most intense setup for playing Pokémon GO that I’ve ever seen.

Pokémon GO

Chen San-yuan, who is now the famous player in question, is actually a Taiwanese feng shui master when he’s not trying to become a Pokémon master. After his picture was shared via Reddit, he became famous and was actually interviewed by Youtubers EXP.GG TW (through AsiaOne).

Mr. Chen during the interview said he loves the idea of using Pokémon GO to connect with other people while riding around, and he also uses it to keep his mind sharp. He first heard about Pokémon GO from his grandson. To keep the phones from running out of juice, he has attached many battery packs to power all the phones that are kept stored in his bicycle basket.

Kudos to Mr. Chen’s dedication, as this is clearly the most dedicated and innovative Pokémon GO player around. Hopefully, he does actually end up capturing every single last one.

Tarah Bleier