Pokémon GO Community Day events to feature Charmander & Porygon

pokemon go community day events nintendo switch

Niantic has announced which Pokémon will be featured in the upcoming Pokémon GO Community Day events. The September and October Community Day events will feature Charmander and Porygon. The community picked these Pokémon by voting in a poll on Twitter.

The other options in this vote were never going to stand a chance really, were they? Grimer is just the Pokémon you catch because you want a Muk, and nobody but bug trainers cares about Caterpie.

Niantic hasn’t revealed explicit details about the Pokémon GO Community Day events for Porygon and Charmander, but you probably know generally what to expect by now. Many players find Porygon incredibly hard to locate in the wild, and earning enough Candies to evolve them into Porygon2 is a bit of a joke. With the addition of Porygon-Z to the game, the process of fully evolving this Pokémon has become even more arduous. I’d say that without a Community Day event, most people wouldn’t even bother trying. At least with an event there’s a chance of increased Candy generation or Porygon spawns.

Meanwhile, some fans are bemoaning that Charmander is taking the spotlight yet again, but with Charizard being one of the most popular Pokémon on the planet, it kind of makes sense.


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