Pokémon GO and One Piece join forces to support earthquake repairs

Pokémon GO and One Piece

Pokémon GO is no stranger to hosting special events in-game. One upcoming event is trying to garner support for a good cause, however. Starting July 22, the worlds of Pokémon and One Piece collide as Straw Hat Pikachus will be available to catch worldwide.

Disaster strikes

This crossover event is being held to support reconstruction efforts in Kumamoto, Japan. In April 2016, a magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck the city, causing 50 deaths and leaving behind $5.5-7.5 billion worth of damage.

The disaster hit home for one well-known creator in the world of manga. One Piece creator and artist Eiichiro Oda hails from the town and is collaborating in the crossover by drawing new art for a PokéStop located at a statue of Monkey D. Luffy.

The crossover

The crossover event runs from July 22-29. July 22 is a memorable date for both One Piece and Pokémon GO. One Piece will be celebrating its 22nd anniversary, and Pokémon GO will be celebrating its 3rd.

If you aren’t in Japan for the celebration and relief efforts, don’t worry. Straw Hat Pikachus will appear worldwide, so be sure to get yours while you can! For those stylish trainers who want to match their new Pikachu pals, a Straw Hat avatar item will be available to purchase in-game.

Pokémon GO and One Piece

Past efforts

Pokémon GO has supported earthquake reconstruction efforts in the past. In 2017, an army of Snorlax spawned in Kumamoto to drive trainers to the area in hopes they would help the ongoing projects.

I think it’s cool that Oda and Pokémon GO are teaming up to support ongoing efforts to recover from a terrible disaster. Of course, it helps to celebrate two beloved franchises as well!

Be sure to gather up your pirate crew and grab your Pikachu. Then say “bon voyage” and set sail for the Grand Line. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find One Piece once there!


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