‘Pokémon Go’ adds the Squirtle Squad to its Community Day event

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With over 20 million daily users and more than $268 million in revenue, Niantic’s Pokemon Go is still thriving. Before the game’s Community Day event on July 8, Niantic revealed the famed Squirtle Squad will be part of it. During the event, players can take to the streets and try to catch the sunglasses-wearing Pokémon if they complete Field Research tasks. Also part of the event is a chance to catch a Blastoise that comes equipped with Hydro Cannon, a rare attack.

If you are able to catch both Blastoise and a sunglasses-wearing Squirtle, it will be interesting to see how many of your friends try to convince you to use Pokémon Go‘s new trade feature. The history of the Squirtle Squad goes back to June 17, 1997, when they made their TV debut in Japan, and one year later in the United States. In episode twelve of Pokémon‘s first season, the squad discovered Ash and his friends at the bottom of a pit near the town of Kanto where they (the Squirtle Squad) resided. The trio (along with Pikachu) discovered the squad was a mischievous group whose members were abandoned by their trainers, causing the five Squirtles to go down their mischievous paths.

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The Squirtle Squad stole from residents, vandalized property, and they even threatened to harm Misty. The squad then went from town nuisance to heroes after it defeated a forest fire caused by Team Rocket and helped Ash defeat the evil group. Its team-up with Ash led to its leader leaving the squad to join the young trainer on his quest to become a Pokémon master, but in episode 147 it returned to its sunglasses-clad crew.

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