Pokémon GO passes $3 billion in gross revenue

Pokémon GO

Niantic’s out-of-the-park mobile hit Pokémon GO can celebrate another milestone – according to analysts at Sensor Tower, the title recently surpassed $3 billion in lifetime gross revenue behind the strength of what may be its best year for revenue yet.

The title’s launch year, 2016, is still its most successful, but frequent updates, skillful monetization, and a dedicated community have propelled sustained success. Pokémon GO generated a staggering $832.4 million in 2016 even though it only initially launched in a select few countries. After its stellar opening, the game generated “only” $589.3 million in 2017 before getting back on track in 2018 with total revenue of $816.3 million. While the AR title has never returned to its 2016 peak in absolute popularity, it maintains a fervent, spendy following that keeps revenue high. 2019 is poised to be its best year yet for revenue with $774.3 million earned thus far.

Pokémon GO has a massive install base and very high player spending levels to match. Since launch, the title has been downloaded about 541 million times, good for an average revenue per download of $5.60.

Plenty of popular updates have helped the game surge to a strong year, including the recent addition of Team Rocket. Team Rocket played an important part in the game’s blistering performance in August and September, where it grossed $110 million and $126 million, respectively. On a regional basis, the United States leads in user spending ($1.1 billion), but Japan has spent $884.5 million with a much smaller population.

Have you spent any money on Pokémon GO? Do you think that it will ever return to its omnipresent glory days of the Summer of 2016? Let us know in the comments.


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