Pokémon GO creates $2 billion in revenue since launch

Pokémon GO

Today, Apptopia has revealed that since it’s debut in July 2016, Pokémon GO has created $2 billion in revenue. Apptopia also created a chart to compare Pokémon GO with its competition within the mobile market. Within two years, the game collected $2 billion faster than Clash Royale and Candy Crush did in the same time frame. Clash of Clans and Game of War triumph over Pokémon GO, however, by a month and two weeks respectively.

Apptopia also notes that Pokémon GO was able to attain $1 billion after 302 days. Impressively, the app made close to $400 million in less than two months after release. For comparison, Fortnite, which was only available on iOS at the time, generated $50 million in two months.

Pokémon GO makes all of its money via its item store. The store does not sell items that substantially enhance gameplay, but rather, pieces that create a cosmetic effect. Clothing items, special gift boxes, incubators, and premium raid passes are not essential to playing the app and can easily be avoided in favor of playing on a daily basis.

Apptopia created a chart that breaks down the revenue the app has accumulated by country. Interestingly, Japan spends the most money playing the app, and the nation doesn’t rank as one of the top five countries for downloads. The United States, followed by Brazil and then India, make up the top three nations to download the app on mobile.

Pokémon GO made headlines this week with the unveiling of their brand new steel-type Pokémon, Meltan. The Pokémon was previously rumored to be related to first-gen Pokémon Ditto, and will be found in the upcoming Switch titles, Let’s Go Eevee and Let’s Go Pikachu. Developer Niantic has spent the last year upping their app content with more raids, legendary and rare Pokémon sightings, (Suicune is reportedly coming this October.) and accepting submissions for PokéStops.

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