Pokémon Gen 4 leak reveals unused Cyrus encounter

Pokémon Gen 4 leak reveals unused Cyrus encounter Diamond and Pearl

Today’s streak of Pokémon news continues with a source code leak from the Gen 4 Pokémon games. This leak included an unused event featuring Cyrus, the Team Galactic boss and main villain of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl.

The hunt for hidden information in Diamond and Pearl began on May 23. That day, the Gen 4 source code leaked, along with the code for the 3DS operating system. It did not take long for Twitter users @shinyhunter_map and @RETIREglitch to find the never-before-seen Cyrus encounter. A large audience then gained access to their discovery when (crude language warning) @DPPt_Shitpost shared the clip below on May 24.

Breaking down the Pokémon Gen 4 Cyrus leak

In the newly discovered event, the player encounters Cyrus upon first entering Floaroma Town, shortly after beating the first Gym. He says little to establish himself as the game’s main antagonist right off the bat. Instead, he describes himself as “but another human seeking to become Sinnoh’s greatest trainer.” Notably, this was likely originally intended to be the player’s first encounter with Cyrus in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl.

In the final games, players meet Cyrus for the first time in Mt. Coronet, after defeating the second Gym Leader. However, in Platinum, Cyrus appears at both Lake Verity and Eterna City before Mt. Coronet. In any case, it’s interesting that the leaked event was scrapped from Diamond and Pearl and never utilized in Platinum. It is also worth noting that Cyrus tells the player his name in the leaked event. While Cyrus does this when first meeting the player in Platinum, he does not reveal his name until his second encounter with the player in the final versions of Diamond and Pearl.

What are your thoughts on this Gen 4 Pokémon leak? Would an initial encounter with Cyrus in Floaroma Town have changed much about the trajectory of the games? Are you hoping for more new details to come out of the source code leak? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or on our social media!


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