Pokémon Gen 3 source code leaks bring new secrets to light

Pokémon Gen 3 source code leaks bring new secrets to light

Last month a bunch of images for beta versions of the second generation Pokémon games were leaked. Now Pokémon Gen 3 source code leaks have meant that users have uncovered even more hidden secrets within their favorite games. Twitter user @eclipse_tt shared their discoveries as they made them regarding long lost beta details, and some are just fascinating.


The creature in the image above looks like a lanky version of a Machop, but it never actually appeared in the game.

These Pokémon Gen 3 source code leaks seem to indicate the games were originally scheduled to launch on March 17, 2003. Their actual release date was November 21, 2002 because development was completed early. While some of the details that have been found in the source code might suggest that a lot of content is missing, clearly the final version of the games is what the developers intended to release.

Included in the discoveries found are the following:

  • Illustrations for the Mew event. This is an in-game event that was always planned, and these documents are clearly a first concept design used to plan it in the final stages of development.
  • A new animation for the player’s encounter with Jirachi.
  • A device to create a custom trainer that players could battle against.
  • The in-game list shows 277 Pokémon before the Hoenn Dex. The 25 entries after Celebi (251) are all named “HATE,” and it’s assumed that they are the various forms of Unknown.
  • A never-used feature for Pokémon Contests was found where judges would have had awarded more points if their “favorite” types of Pokémon and moves were used.
  • An in-game trade for a Pokémon named “Azaland” and is believed to be Walrein’s beta name.
  • New icons for Gen 3 Hoenn games were discovered.
  • The beta names for two legendary Pokémon were found. Jirachi was called “Ganboo.” “Gan” means wish, which may be the reason behind that name. Deoxys was called “Jiigen,” which without the additional “i” would mean “dimension” or “time period.”
  • Never used sprites for Bulbasaur, Voltorb, Marill and more were also found.
  • A total of 68 scrapped Pokémon that never appeared in the game were uncovered. While there are no sprites (as of yet, at least), there are index numbers.
  • A combining moves feature for double battles would have seen moves change when used together. The example given is that Ember and Gust would have created a new move called Heat Wave.
  • An unused grass sprite was found and reconstructed.
  • Both Poochyena and Sharpedo both have beta sprites.
  • It seems as though Wurmple was originally meant to have a more complex evolution, perhaps involving day and night, allowing it to evolve into a now cut Pokémon.
  • Finally, Plusle was called “Bachin” and Minun was called “Bachikone” in beta. Bachi is Japanese for drumstick.





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