Pokémon Eevee Tamagotchi release date announced

Pokémon Pokemon Tamagotchi Eevee

Recently it was revealed that the Tamagotchi we grew up and either loved or hated (because some of them didn’t last too long) are coming back in a big way. This time it’s a crossover with Pokémon. The first one in the batch announced, Eevee finally got an official release date in Japan. It will launch on Jan. 26, 2019 for about ¥2,300 JPY, which is about $20 USD. We do not have word yet if it will be available outside of Japan. I am confident however you could probably use sites like Amazon Japan or AmiAmi to order it and ship it to you wherever you live.

The Eevee Tamagotchi will come in two varieties, Team Rocket or Ditto. More Pokémon are also included in the collaboration too. These include Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Pikachu. We do not have release dates for those as of yet. The two Eevee ones will come in either a pink or brown case.

Ah, the good old days when you first learned how to take care of a virtual pet. For the kids who grew up in the ’90s with the original Tamagotchi, this is sure to bring back a lot of memories. It is also thought that these Tamagotchi may interact with future Pokémon: Let’s Go games. Let us know if you plan on picking one of these up.


Tarah Bleier