Pokémon day one patch adds online features, post-game, and cutscenes

pokemon day one patch

Like many modern games, Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl will launch with a day one patch. Although it is possible to play the games without the patch, you probably wouldn’t want to. If you’ve been seeing any of the leaks on the internet, you know the new Pokémon games are missing a few things. That’s because the initial update is a whopping 3GB, and it adds a lot, including online features, post-game content, cutscenes, and more.

Pokémon BDSP day one patch

To download the day one patch for Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, simply play the game while connected to the internet. It should automatically download and install. You can check the version number on the title screen to confirm. If you buy the game digitally, it should automatically come updated to the latest version. Here’s everything Pokémon BDSP receives via the day one patch:

Ver. 1.1.0 (Releasing November 11, 2021)

  • Communication functions added for the Grand Underground, Super Contest Shows, Union Room, and Mystery Gift
    • You’ll be able to enjoy local and internet communication functions of game features like the Grand Underground, Super Contest Shows, and the Union Room. You’ll also be able to receive gifts via Mystery Gift.
  • Post–Hall of Fame elements added
    • Some game elements you’ll be able to enjoy after entering the Hall of Fame, such as Ramanas Park, will be implemented.
    • Note: If you have game data that reflects that you have already entered the Hall of Fame, you can play these elements immediately after updating the software.
  • Some in-game movies and animation added
    • Certain animated scenes and movies, including the opening movie that plays when the software is opened and the ending movie, will be implemented.
    • Note: An opening movie has been added that plays when the software is opened. You can see it by closing the game and re-opening it with existing save data.
    • Note: An ending movie has been added. Even if you have already reflected entering the Hall of Fame on your save data, you can see the ending by entering the Hall of Fame again.
  • Some issues have also been fixed for more pleasant gameplay.

This patch actually goes live before the game itself, potentially for review purposes.

Additional updates

It seems the day one patch won’t be the end of Pokémon BDSP‘s updates. Additional features will be patched in at a later date. Here’s what you can expect:

On the day of the release, interactions using local and internet communication in the Union Room will be limited to two players. However, future updates are planned to increase the maximum number of players, as well as add greeting and Capsule Decoration functions. Additionally, future updates will enable Link Trades at the Global Wonder Station (GWS) facility in Jubilife City, as well as Link Battles via the Colosseum function in Pokémon Centers.

It’s a little surprising to see that these features won’t be available at launch. No timeline has been given, but hopefully, it won’t be a long wait.

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