Pokémon Center reveals Snorlax rug, Pikachu sofa, and more fancy Pokémon decor

Pokemon Center reveals Snorlax rug, Pikachu sofa, more Pokemon decor

The Pokemon Center has revealed a bunch of new Pokemon-themed decor, including a Snorlax rug and Pikachu Sofa in a new collaboration with furniture company Karimoku. The new furniture and decor will be available at Pokemon Centers in Japan starting October 16, but they’ll begin taking orders on October 14.

Here’s a look at some of the new items:

Pokemon Snorlax Rug

Snorlax Rug Pokemon furniture decor

The Snorlax rug is surely the main attraction of the new Pokemon decor and furniture. It will go for a whopping 44,000 (~$393.83). On second thought, that’s a reasonable price for any half-decent rug.

Pokemon Pikachu Sofa & Armchair

Pokemon Pikachu Sofa & Armchair

Above is a look at the Pikachu-patterned sofa, which will go for 199,100 yen (~$1,781.73). The Pikachu armchair will cost 154,000 yen (~$1,378.14). Okay, now that’s a bit more on the pricey side. However, keep in mind that furniture, in general, is pretty expensive in Japan, and it’s also coming from a known brand. The sweet Poké Ball-themed end table will be available for 111,100 yen (~$994.04).

Pokemon Bedroom Decor

Pokemon bedroom decor

The new collection will also have bedroom decor. The above image shows a Ghost-type set that includes fitted sheets, a pillowcase, and a bed cover. Other options include Pikachu, Partner Pokemon, and Eevee patterns. They’ll be available in single and double sizes.

Pokemon fans can order the new items starting October 14, 2021. If you’re looking for the latest Pokemon fashion, check out Elle Japan’s new Pikachu & Eevee shirts and sweaters. You can also grab salt & pepper shakers based on Pokémon Gym statues for your kitchen. In any case, we know that Olympic gold medalist Yuto Horigome has the eyes emoji going on for that Snorlax rug.