Pokémon Café Remix will launch in fall 2021 with revamped gameplay

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Pokémon Café Mix launched back in June 2020 for Nintendo Switch and mobile devices, but now the game is seeing a revamp in the form of Pokémon Café Remix, which will launch in fall 2021. As revealed at the Pokémon Presents event today, Pokémon Café Remix will introduce many new Pokémon with a variety of new dress-up options. There are new ways to develop staff Pokémon as well. And most importantly from a gameplay perspective, puzzles have been refreshed with the addition of new elements that will allow for new strategies.

For those who could use a refresher on what this game is at all, Pokémon Café Mix (and now Remix) is a puzzle game set in a café setting, where you own the café and hire staff Pokémon with unique abilities that assist in completing puzzles. Tools to expand the café become available as you play. The fact that the game is being “remixed” over a year later would indicate that the original game saw a decent level of success worth mining further, but there is little concrete data available. We mostly just know the game had been downloaded more than five million times as of August 2020.

Stay tuned for a final release date for Pokémon Café Remix on Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. Its reveal has been cued up to the proper time below.

John Friscia
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