Pokémon Café Mix available ‘soon’ on Switch and mobile devices

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Announced today at Pokémon PresentsPokémon Café Mix “combines puzzle gameplay with a vibrant Pokémon cafe setting.” You’re the owner of a cafe that Pokémon visit, and you fulfill their orders by completing puzzles. Link Pokémon icons by swirling them around. Expectedly, the puzzles keep changing, and that’s how you prepare all the food. The art style is extremely cute and charming in Pokémon Café Mix.

Pokémon you befriend might join your staff, and they have special skills to help complete puzzles. As you progress, you can make your cafe larger and get new tools to expand your menu. Then more Pokémon will be enticed to visit your cafe. It will be available “soon” on Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android. Between this and Pokémon Smile, who’s to say which is more exciting (if you’re a parent that needs to get a kid to brush their teeth better)?!

In fact, the game’s official Nintendo page says the title will release on June 23, just a week away, so it’s odd that The Pokémon Company didn’t say this outright. It also details, among other things, that you can “Earn or purchase Golden Acorns, the in-game currency, and redeem them to regain hearts, continue puzzles, and get helpful items.” Pokémon Café Mix will be “free to start” upon release.


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