Pokémon art director reveals first town artwork for Sword & Shield

James Turner town artwork Pokémon Sword and Shield art director

As we’ve discussed before, James Turner is Game Freak’s art director for Pokémon Sword and Shield, as well as the first westerner to design a Pokémon. He is essentially what thousands, if not millions, of nerds in the west aspire to become someday. And Turner’s Twitter account is full of cute and vibrant art, often Nintendo-related. Today, he decided to show off the first town artwork created for Pokémon Sword and Shield, and it exudes the warmth of the countryside in the United Kingdom. If this is what we can look forward to from the Galar Region, then fans are in for a treat.

This town artwork reinforces that the Galar Region is indeed inspired by the U.K., something that was speculated as far back as the games’ announcement. That utterly fantastic Galarian Weezing and its ludicrous/brilliant “top hat” is another indication.

Opinion about Pokémon Sword and Shield has ebbed and flowed over time due to concerns of graphics fidelity and the absence of the National Pokédex, but let’s face it — these games are still going to sell a bazillion copies, and more people are likely to be happy than disappointed.

If you want more James Turner artwork in your life, take a look at these adorable sentient Nintendo controllers he drew.


John Friscia
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