Pokemon Art Director Would Like a Return to Old School Roots

While the current graphics in the latest installment of the Pokemon series are pleasing to the naked 3D eye, the Pokemon X and Y art director Ken Sugimori said he would like to see the art in the game return to its simpler old school roots, or namely like things were in Pokemon Red and Blue.  Sugimori noted that since the 1990’s Pokemon games have become more complex with the battle system and more detailed worlds and players have a lot more abilities and items at their disposal then in previous iterations.

He said as far as how he feels about where the game should go, well, that will not really determine how the next batch of Pokemon games will come about.  However, as far as he sees it, making things more simple is possible.  Adjusting the number of attacks, abilities, and items in the games as well as the overall design of the monsters themselves were among the suggestions he gave for simplifying things.

Could Sugimori perhaps be suggesting not returning to a 3D version the next time around? What are your thoughts about the new 3-dimensional Pokemon world? Would you like to see the style revert back to the old school days of Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue?

Tom Stovall