Pokémon art director creates adorable Nintendo controller people

Pokémon art director Nintendo controllers from James Turner

James Turner is the art director for Pokémon Sword and Shield at Game Freak, and he became the first westerner to design a Pokémon when he contributed designs to Pokémon Black and White, which released in Japan back in 2010. Basically, Turner has one of the cushiest art jobs on the planet, and a lot of people would kill to be him. But when James Turner isn’t designing Pokémon, he still likes to draw stuff related to Nintendo. Or more specifically, Nintendo controllers. As living people.

Guys, they’re adorable.

The artist has been churning out these Nintendo controllers over the past few weeks, but now he’s put them all together in one especially attractive piece of art. Where applicable, he has created both international and Japanese renditions of controllers. We see the NES controller contrasted with the Famicom controller, and the SNES controller contrasted with the Super Famicom controller. The Nintendo 64 remains the same.

Between the two Nintendo controller sets, the international controllers are more cohesive side by side, but the Japanese controllers are more charming and attractive. In any case, just staring at these gets me in the mood to play some classic games. What about you?

Let us know what you think of them.


John Friscia
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