PokéMom learns Pokémon TCG in one morning, places in tournament that afternoon

In the Pokémon games, you play a trainer who’s sent out into the world with nothing but an infant monster and your wits to keep you safe. Within a dozen hours or so, you’re at the command of an entire legion of collectable critters and have wrecked the region’s most famous competitors. This story may not be realistic in any of our own endeavors, but for Pamela Director, also known as PokéMom, this is just what happened last week. Here’s the original tweet thread from her daughter, Caroline Director:

Pam wanted to hang out with her daughter and asked to join Caroline at the Pokémon Trading Card Game tournament at Core TCG in Pasadena, California. Instead of sitting off to the side, she learned the rules right before the event so that she could participate. Anyone else would have done poorly and had a good time anyway, but not PokéMom Pam. Out for blood, the newcomer placed in the top 8. She even trounced her daughter on the way.

The story gained a ton of traction online, with people cheering for Pam in every available venue. And the internet being the internet, we even have fan art of the trainer PokéMom Pam, courtesy of Scomicmaker. Have a look!

It seems that the Pokémon world keeps giving us stories of people in the real world doing incredible things through the hobby. There’s just something about this series that brings out the best in people all over the world.

So what’s next for the Directors? Both competitors now have invitations to the Charlotte Regional Championships in March, and neither has any plans of stopping. A good performance there might even mean a trip to the Pokémon TCG World Championship. Obviously, we wish the best of luck in their endeavors. Go get ’em, PokéMom!


Dominick Ashtear