Pocky & Rocky 2021, a sequel to the original, is heading to Switch

Pocky & Rocky 2021 Natsume Atari Tengo Project Taito Nintendo Switch 2D pixel art graphics shooter adventure

In a terrific surprise, Natsume Atari and its Tengo Project team are developing Pocky & Rocky 2021 (working title) with plans to head west next year. The official announcement being distributed to outlets doesn’t specify platforms, but Gematsu has confirmed it will come to Nintendo Switch. This new game is a sequel to the well-regarded Pocky & Rocky on SNES (though Pocky & Rocky 2 did release for SNES in 1994 as well), and it is a “multi-directional scrolling shooter in the classic 16-bit style with improved graphics, sound, and fun!” Hey, sounds great to us.

Perhaps most exciting of all is that Pocky & Rocky 2021 packs some beautiful pixel art that oozes the old-school charm of the original game. The original SNES games had cute pixel art in the first place, but Natsume Atari and Tengo Project have taken it to the next level for this modern release. This is maybe a little less surprising when you consider their recent titles (also shown in the trailer below), Wild Guns Reloaded and The Ninja Saviors: Return of the Warriors.

Tengo Project Programmer Toshiyasu Miyabe had the following to say about this game’s development: “It is a joy to continue Pocky and Rocky‘s adventures over twenty-five years later with the same development team. We are excited to be developing Pocky & Rocky 2021 to reach a new generation of gamers and reconnect with players who are already familiar with the bold pair, Pocky and Rocky, and their fun adventures. Stay tuned in the coming months as we reveal more about the mystery that awaits!”

More details are expected to come for this Nintendo Switch title at Tokyo Game Show 2020.

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