Pocket Rumble is Finally Entering the Fray on Switch

Announced ages ago in a Nindies showcase, Pocket Rumble has been in a constant state of flux. Originally said to be coming last March, that month came and went with no release. Developer Cardboard Cutout Games would come back every now and then and ensure it was still coming but details were slim and a firm release date seemed far off.

But now, finally, we are approaching its release. It is officially done and will be releasing between “now and the end of July.” And backers of the Kickstarter will be getting a code for the Switch version along with their Steam copies. Nice gesture for sure.

When it was first announced the Switch was starved for fighters but now we have tons of them, with BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle even launching tomorrow. Could the flood of fighters to the console hurt Pocket Rumble’ s success? Possibly. Or it could have made people even hungrier for fighters as a whole.

What do you all think? Is this the perfect time for Pocket Rumble or did it take too long to get here? For me, it still looks as cool as ever and I can’t wait to play it. You can check out the video where the developer talks about all this and more below.

Tyler Wise
Been a fan of video games ever since I opened up a Game Boy with Pokemon Yellow one Christmas far too long ago. I even taught myself to read by playing it! From then on, games and words have always been linked for me. I found that what I really liked about video games (and every other thing I owned) was the stories they held. I'm honored to be here, using my words to talk about the wonderful worlds that games can take us to.