Please make more of these Nintendo-themed beer glasses

If there’s anything that gets me more excited about video games, it’s… more video games. I can also say the same thing about beer. Of course, my tastes have changed over the years. And I’m not exactly the snobby type when it comes to guzzling down suds, either. I do, however, appreciate a good ale in a nice glass. And what better way to commemorate the crackin’ of your first beer than by pouring it into a glass with your favorite gaming character on it?

Kirby’s got hops

If you want to cut to the chase and head right to the website to buy some adult beverage containers, you could visit Glass to Mouth and pick them up (obviously, I love the name of the website, too). Unfortunately, they are sold out at the time of my writing this.

It’s a bummer, too. I had stumbled upon these glasses a few days ago and was in awe of the sheer cleverness of their design. I mean, Kirby sucks in the hops and dawns a hop headdress like that of Wing or Fire Kirby. “Those are pretty dope!” I thought. “I definitely want to share them with the rest of the Nintendo fans out there.” But, it was too late.

Others in the mix

The Glass to Mouth website has a rather odd search function. There are numerous glasses that you can browse through, having a number of different quirky themes to shop from. Seinfeld “these pretzels are making me thirsty” glasses, anyone? If you start to search for any number of Nintendo-related characters, you can see what could have been. You might pour one out for the Yoshi, Mario, or even Charizard style glasses that you can no longer purchase.

It may be a good idea to bookmark the website and check in occasionally, as each set releases with limited quantities. I did want to thank a member of the group I’m a part of on Facebook (Michael T.) for gloating sharing his purchase with the rest of the group. Maybe not. I’m not salty at all that the glasses are sold out now. Not. At. All.

Greg Bargas
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