Playtonic teases a new game reveal for tomorrow

Playtonic new game tease Yooka-Laylee 3D platformer

If you grew up playing video games in the 1990s, there’s a good chance you fell in love with 3D platformers. They were all the rage back then, and Rare was one of the best at making them. The genre eventually fell out of popularity, which is why so many people were excited by Playtonic Games. This indie developer was made up of ex-Rare employees, and they were on a mission to revive the classic formula with Yooka-Laylee.

Playtonic took Yooka-Laylee to Kickstarter, and it pulled in over $1 million in funding in record-breaking time. Cleary there was still an untapped market for the genre! Three years later, it finally debuted. Although it received somewhat lukewarm reviews, the game went on to sell over a million copies. It’s been just over two years since the launch, and Playtonic is finally ready to reveal their next project.

Playtonic is such a tease

The official Twitter account for the team just posted a short teaser of what’s to come. The video shows off a myriad of fan requests for a new game with the teaser “Bee back tomorrow.” You can check it out below.

It’s pretty clear that we can expect some sort of game announcement tomorrow, but what will it be? Or rather, what will it bee? There are numerous bees in Yooka-Laylee, including the villainous Capital B. Could this be a sequel continuing the 3D platformer style? Playtonic has also previously expressed a desire to make spin-off games starring minor characters like Trowser. Ideally, they’d love to make a whole universe of games in different genres. Whatever it is, let’s hope the team can maintain the charm they’re known for while avoiding the missteps of their first release.

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