Are you grabbing a next-gen console at launch?

Playstation 5

The next generation of game systems is here with the Xbox Series S, the Xbox Series X, and the PlayStation 5 all on the verge of release. After seemingly the longest game of price-and-release-date chicken of all time, launch info and preorders were upon us seemingly in an instant, and just like that, now the consoles are nearly here. The launch could be a bit sweeter – Halo InfiniteĀ is missing in action, and many gamers are having an impossible time securing a preorder for their console of choice – but it’s here, for better or for worse. Have you bought into the hype? Will you be picking up any next-gen system at launch?

Personally, the hype only just got to me a few days ago. I’m more than occupied with my current backlog of games, so I’m definitely not in any hurry to grab a new system, but I’m very excited to do so soon. The substantial power boosts from backwards compatibility alone are enticing, and plenty of launch-window games look like they’d be best played on a Series X or PlayStation 5. Ultimately, given the fervour surrounding the consoles, I am unlikely to even get the chance to grab one soon – and I sort of want to keep my wallet close by in case the rumors of a Switch Pro are real. While I may end up biting the bullet the moment I see a system available, I am more likely to wait this one out into next year.

Are you picking up an Xbox Series console or PlayStation 5 at launch? What will you play on them if so? Let us know in the comments.

Nick Pearson
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