Play god with traffic in Urban Flow, out now on Switch


With great power, comes great responsibility. That’s especially true when you’re controlling the traffic during rush hour. In Urban Flow, you’re in charge of when the traffic lights turn green or red. Getting the timing right is the difference between smooth-flowing traffic and total vehicular chaos.

Developed by Baltoro Games, this fun traffic-themed puzzle game features 100 levels in its single-player campaign. From your sky-high vantage point, you can glide across various colourful, low-poly city-scapes to see how the traffic is moving along. Take charge of the lights above tricky roundabouts and junctions, guiding vehicles to safety and avoiding jams and pile-ups with the flick of a switch. Making your job that little bit more difficult are trains, tanks, ambulances and more unexpected arrivals.

As well as playing solo, you can rope up to four friends into a local co-op game, where you’re each responsible for different sets of lights. Work together to keep things running smoothly, or take a more competitive approach and try to make things difficult for the other players. Urban Flow‘s other gameplay modes offer more ways to stay entertained. Endless mode is a game of endurance, whilst Chill mode strips away scores and time pressures to give you a more relaxed session. On top of that, Urban Flow boasts plenty of achievements and rewards to unlock. The game can be played using the Switch’s touch controls, Joy-Cons or using Pro controllers.

Restore harmony to the roads in Urban Flow, out now exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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