Play as Fire Emblem Awakening’s Tharja in this Monster Hunter World mod

Something wicked this way comes in the realm of Monster Hunter: World. Last month, we reported on a peculiar mod for the game’s PC version that added Fire Emblem Fates‘ Camilla as a playable character. This was accomplished by NexusMods user zStatykz, who swapped in the Nohrian princess with the Ciri armor set. To that end, zStatykz followed up with a similar mod earlier this week, featuring a fan-favorite Dark Mage.

This time, Tharja—the hex-obsessed Plegian sorceress from the world of Fire Emblem: Awakening—is now playable in Monster Hunter: World. The Tharja mod includes readjusted physics, dyeable armor, and her voice to accommodate her model, while also throwing in some dark magic effects to her weapons in order to really bring her character to life. Watch as she takes on titanic beasts and encounters some familiar-looking cacti in this montage by YouTuber Weiss Gaming:

Seeing her swing about and cast spells to the main theme to Fire Emblem: Three Houses was an odd mix. Given that the song is a banger though (much like the game itself), I’m definitely not complaining.

Are you gonna download the Tharja mod for Monster Hunter: World? Let us know in the comments below.


Jeffrey McDonell
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