PlatinumGames will branch beyond single-player, develop ‘live ops’ games

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As we just reported, the third project of Platinum 4 has turned out not to be a video game at all — it’s the new PlatinumGames Tokyo studio, which will open this April. President and CEO Kenichi Sato gave a lengthy and optimistic statement about the studio, but the announcement at the Platinum 4 website provides even further details than that. Executive Vice President and Producer Atsushi Inaba (pictured) has revealed that PlatinumGames will branch out beyond just single-player games to develop “live ops” games (i.e., live-service games).

PlatinumGames live ops games on the way?

Inaba stated the following:

So far, the name PlatinumGames has been nearly synonymous with single-player action games. But going forward, we’re looking to expand into new genres and styles of play. One of these new challenges for us is console live ops game development. These aren’t games we’d work on until they were done, and that’s all – rather, we’d continue working on them to provide new content long after release. We want to explore this ongoing development pattern in the home console space.

Along those lines, the Platinum 4 posting for PlatinumGames Tokyo shares interviews with assorted staff, including Director Motoi Fujita, Game Client Engineer David Scripps, Project Manager Miki Sato, and Game Designer Takahisa Sugiyama. Notably, several of them have many years of both live ops and mobile game development experience. A goal for PlatinumGames Tokyo will be to hire a “diverse team” to support the development of live ops games.

There are no details about actual live ops games in development at PlatinumGames, unsurprisingly. Rather, the post concludes by reminding fans that Babylon’s Fall, Bayonetta 3, and Project G.G. are currently in development.

What do you make of PlatinumGames Tokyo and the company at large’s live ops game ambitions? Do you think this is a natural and practical way for the company to expand operations and increase revenues?


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