PlatinumGames Tokyo studio is third Platinum 4 project, not a game at all

Platinum 4 third project PlatinumGames Tokyo studio Osaka Kenichi Sato president CEO

In April, PlatinumGames is opening a new Tokyo office, dubbed PlatinumGames Tokyo, which will be the “first true development hub” outside of the main Osaka studio. And it turns out this office is itself the third project of the Platinum 4! It’s not a video game at all. Company President and CEO Kenichi Sato, as well as others, posted on the Platinum 4 website to talk about the significance of this new studio to the company.

PlatinumGames Tokyo is the third major reveal of Platinum 4

Kenichi Sato begins by saying, “There’s very little that’s more rewarding than making someone smile,” and that since the company was founded in 2006, “spreading smiles and surprises” has been their goal. Fourteen years later, they are proud to be regarded as “one of the foremost Japanese game developers.”

When PlatinumGames received a capital investment from Tencent back in December, it enabled the company to begin work on Project G.G., which in turn contributed to the decision to establish PlatinumGames Tokyo. Sato promises: “Between our Osaka office and PlatinumGames Tokyo, we’re poised to make use of the sharpest creative minds in games in both west and east Japan, and expand to even greater possibilities.”

As a result of all of the new possibilities opened up to the company recently, they feel 2020 is a year of “re-establishment” for them. Sato goes a step further and says their driving philosophy moving forward is that everyone at the company is “a creator,” including corporate stakeholders. How this philosophy will actually affect game development on titles like Project G.G. remains to be seen.

Interestingly, PlatinumGames has also adopted a new credo, called “Platinum 8,” eight guiding principles that will allow the company to overcome any challenges as long as they work together. Sato does not elaborate on what any of these principles are though.

The post at the Platinum 4 website concludes with, essentially, a sales pitch. Sato is looking for talented people to work for not just PlatinumGames Tokyo but the company in general! He says, “PlatinumGames aims to create an environment where anyone, regardless of seniority, can stand proud as a creator and make a contribution. If you’re driven to create and ready to put it all on the line to make players smile, I think you’ll feel right at home.”

Actually several more messages follow beyond that, chiefly from Executive Vice President and Studio Head Atsushi Inaba. Then interviews are present with Director Motoi Fujita, Game Client Engineer David Scripps, Project Manager Miki Sato, and Game Designer Takahisa Sugiyama. It’s a real deep dive into what we can expect of the company moving forward with PlatinumGames Tokyo and at large, but the overall message is very clearly along the lines of, “We expect the future to be bright.” Stay tuned for additional reporting on insights garnered from these assorted messages.

So there you have it. Only the final Platinum 4 project remains now, which is apparently a big secret and will be of great interest to people. What do you think it will be?


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