PlatinumGames co-founder says working with Kamiya can be “painful”

Kamiya PlatinumGames co-founder painful

Hideki Kamiya is an interesting and somewhat controversial figure in gaming. He’s known for crafting hit games like Resident Evil 2Okami, and Bayonetta. He’s also known for his boisterous and occasionally abrasive personality. When he’s not working on his next big hit, you can often find him dunking on the poor souls foolish enough to tweet at him. According to PlatinumGames co-founder Atsushi Inaba, he’s also a bit of a handful at the office. Inaba describes working with Kamiya as “painful,” but it’s definitely not all bad.

Kamiya-san and I both have very strong personalities. We’re both very opinionated. We both have our own flow when we think about games. I would tell him, ‘We need this level of quality.’ He would then come back to me and say, ‘No, it needs to be higher in a different way.’

We really do riff off of each other, but it’s also a very painful experience because you’re really pushing each other in a direction towards excellence, but with that comes a lot of stress and pain and pressure. It’s never an easy experience, but even in the pain of working with him to create an amazing game, there’s still a lot of fun that is had.

The Kamiya experience can be painful and stressful, but there’s also fun to be had. Somehow, I’m not surprised to hear that. Most importantly to the PlatinumGames co-founder, it’s also a process that yields amazing results. Through the good times and bad, he’s a key piece of Platinum’s DNA.


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