PlatinumGames talks about Star Fox Zero, Bayonetta 3, and Project GG’s cute little dog

PlatinumGames Hideki Kamiya Atsushi Inaba The Wonderful 101 Bayonetta 3 Super Smash Bros. Star Fox Zero Project GG Scalebound

The folks down at GameXplain recently had a remote sit-down with director Hideki Kamiya and producer Atsushi Inaba from PlatinumGames about the recent release of The Wonderful 101 on Nintendo Switch and other consoles. Of course, with all the exciting stuff they have under their belt, the conversation delved into other topics as well, including Bayonetta 3, Super Smash Bros.Project GG, and even Scalebound and Star Fox Zero.

Let’s get the most exciting thing out of the way first: Inaba’s The Wonderful 101 pixel art shirt is amazing and I must have it. That aside, the Platinum developers reiterated that Nintendo as the original publisher had to give the green light for the game to come to PC and PlayStation 4. There’s hope for a sequel but no official plans to announce at the moment.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has affected the development of Bayonetta 3 at PlatinumGames, though they don’t have much more to say about the title at this time. They did mention that they’re dealing with the unique challenges of developing a game from home.

A few interesting tidbits on some other games: PlatinumGames knows nothing whatsoever about whether Nintendo plans to ever port Star Fox Zero to Switch, but if it were to happen, they doubt Nintendo would ask Platinum to get involved. Although, PlatinumGames values its relationship with Nintendo and wants to work to maintain that relationship.

They also talked about Project GG, their first self-published IP. The dog in the trailer garnered a ton of fan support, so Kamiya is considering how to give it a bigger role. And Inaba reiterated that the canceled Scalebound IP remains Microsoft’s property, but Kamiya said in English, speaking of Microsoft’s Phil Spencer, “Phil, let’s do it again together!” He’s willing to try again if Microsoft is.

Additionally, Kamiya is a Tetris 99 demon of “VIP” Rank 5 who tries to get first place on a daily basis.

Finally, the topic of Super Smash Bros. came up and the question of what character — any character whatsoever — they would like to see join the roster. Kamiya replied with a definite “Amaterasu!” Then he added, “You gotta put Joe in there, you gotta put Amaterasu in there. … Then you could put Leo in there, put Wonder Red in there, but then it would be more my game at that point.” Inaba just laughed, clearly having sat through this conversation before.


Dominick Ashtear