Platinum Games is working on new game ‘truly … unlike anything else’

Astral Chain

Platinum Games, beloved developer of (among others) Bayonetta and the upcoming Astral Chain, is cooking up more projects than the public knows about. Studio head producer Atsushi Inaba spoke to publication VGC about what the company is working on, and it sounds pretty good.

Among other things, Inaba said, “Right now we’re in the middle of designing something that has never been done before. I know a lot of people say that, but the game we’re working on truly is unlike anything else.” He then adds that, out of his whole team of veteran developers, none of them have designed something like this game before. Either Atsushi Inaba has been practicing his PR speak, or Platinum Games is building something really cool.

The developer is actually working on two new original IPs right now, both of which it intends to keep entirely studio-owned. Platinum is motioning now toward a self-publishing model and taking control of its own destiny; it has been dependent on publisher support from the likes of Sega, Nintendo, and Square Enix in the past. Indeed, Nintendo actually owns the Astral Chain IP, not Platinum. This dependency on others has been a source of struggle and frustration for Platinum in the past, even when it came to things like getting Bayonetta 2 greenlit.

Whatever the future holds in store for Platinum Games, let’s hope that they remain a firm friend of Nintendo.


John Friscia
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