Platinum angers fans with statement on import fees for The Wonderful 101


The Wonderful 101: Remastered has been out for a few months. However, fans in the UK haven’t had an easy go of things. Gamers who were Kickstarter backers have recently been hit with import fees for their promised physical copies of the title. Platinum is aware of the situation and has a statement for its audience. And, well, it’s certainly something.

This message from Platinum comes off as tone-deaf

Here’s the note from the company in full:

A number of our UK backers have informed us that they’ve had additional taxes applied when receiving their packages. Although possible methods of alleviating this were considered, the tariff duties for different countries can be very strict and we made sure to comply with all corresponding legal restrictions. We are sorry for the additional charges, but it is clearly stated in the FAQ on the Kickstarter page that all physical rewards are shipped out from the United States, and that any applicable VAT or regional tariffs would be paid by backers.

Hmm. If it’s clearly in the FAQ, then it shouldn’t be an issue, right?

Except players are pointing out the post doesn’t mention an important piece of information. If you look at the replies on the Kickstarter page for the project (only visible to backers), you’ll see the additional charges were mentioned on February 12. That is more than a week after the campaign started. Many fans had already pledged their support financially by then. Understandably, folks are angry over the whole situation. They are either asking for a refund or boycotting any future Platinum products.

Enthusiasts, what are your thoughts on Platinum’s update? Personally, I think it’s a bad look for the developer. Let us know if you agree or disagree by leaving a comment below.


Arthur Damian
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